Since the early years, CARESCO has received funding from Cambridgeshire County Council to support our day care acvitities. We have also been supported by local Parish Councils with grants.  In addition we have organised a wide range of fundraising events over the years to help provide enough income to maintain our services to the community.

In 2000 CARESCO was awarded a Lottery grant to pay for a new modular building, now the CARESCO Centre.

Unfortunately the main grant from CCC has failed to increase in line with inflation over recent years and so, in real terms, has reduced. This has led to a greater reliance on other sources of income such as from our various services, our own fundraising and dependence on donations from other sources.

In April 2013 we opened the first Charity Shop in Sawtry in a bid to secure a reliable source of funding while providing a valuable service for the local community. This has proved a wonderful success and this new income stream is proving vital to the ongoing success of CARESCO as we develop new services and expand our support for the local community.

Should you wish to support the work of CARESCO please contact us or if you would like details of our latest fundraising activities click here.